S.T.E.A.L.T.H was a project that I built for my game audio exam. Besides from some visual assets, the game is built completely from scratch by me, using FMOD and Unity.

The auditory challenge with building a stealth game is that you have to give very good feedback to the player in terms of where the enemy, where the objective and how close you are to being caught. Therefore there was put special attention to there areas.

Some considerations in this area:

– Occlusion system for enemy movement sounds

– Time based detection system, used for parameters controlling sounds

– A heightened sense mode, where the player is able to hear the objective and is given better feedback on where the enemy. In turn, the player can’t move while using this

Another challenge is to make the world come alive, especially in the in-door realistic environments that I was going for. My mantra became, “if it can have a sound, it should have a sound”, to fill out and make the environment as believable as possible.