Using Wwise For Sound Effects In Linear Media

Today we're taking a look at how we can use Wwise to make sound effects and create variations for use in linear media. By linear media I mean film, tv, radio, music and so forth. The process is very simple and extremely versatile, so let's take a look! Setting Up The Sound Imagine that we have a shooting sequence in a movie with tons of sci-fi laser weapons shooting left and right. A sequence like that would take a pretty long time to make since you need to create a bunch of variations…continue reading →

How I Made My Designed Freebies For “The Old Cash Registers” Library

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a couple of my good sound designer friends, Daniel Martin Nielsen and Nikolaj de Haan, to create some designed freebies for their new sound library. The challenge was that I had to create all sounds from just 4 sounds from their new library, so today we'll take a look at how I made some of them and hopefully in the process show you how you can get a lot out of very little! I'll take you through 4 of the sounds I designed, that…continue reading →