Audio Analysis: True Skate

Welcome to True Skate! Today we're taking a look at probably my favourite mobile game, True Skate! True Skate is a very simple game. You control a skateboard and use your fingers to do all sorts of tricks, while completing missions, getting high scores and so forth. I wanted to do an audio analysis of this because it's pretty simple, teaches a lot about fundamental game audio concepts and actually sounds pretty good in the process as well. True Skate is developed in Unity and as far as I can tell also uses…continue reading →

Tagg’s Anaphones

Why are we reading this? One of the best things I've read while taking my education is a small chapter from Philip Tagg's book, "Music's Meaning". The chapter is about something called Anaphones. Today is kind of a dry post compared to others I've done before, but I promise you that it will at least be interesting and at best very inspiring and helpful! Let's dig in! Now what exactly is an Anaphone? You can basically think of it as a musical analogy, where you use the language of music to create an…continue reading →