The Distance Parameter In FMOD

Today we're looking at the distance parameter within FMOD. The great thing about the distance parameter, is that it requires no code to set up and instead just requires a listener and an emitter component. What the distance parameter does, is that is checks for the distance between where the FMOD listener is and the emitter that the parameter is applied to. This lets you change a sound depending on how far away it is from you, which is pretty awesome! Heads up, I'll be using Unity to demonstrate this today. Let's get…continue reading →

How Do You Practice Game Audio?

As I've mentioned before, I come from a background as a Jazz guitarist. Getting good at playing jazz requires a lot of discipline, detailed practice regiments and lots of playing the same thing over and over and over and over... I would spent hours playing the same scales and arpeggios and then finally fitting them into a solo. Hours playing the same chords, improvising over the same chord progressions and so forth. When I turned over to doing music composition and then finally sound design for video games, I had a really hard…continue reading →

Making A Heartbeat Sound Effect

Today we're looking at creating a sound effect that is used in all sorts of games, namely the sound of a heartbeat. The process is super simple and can of course be altered a lot of ways but use this as a starting point and come up with your own variations. Let's do this! A Kick When looking for sources to create a heartbeat, my mind usually goes towards drums, more specifically the kick drum to give it that low end that you need. Instead of going out and sampling one, let's create…continue reading →

Single, Multi & Event Instruments In FMOD

Introduction In today's lesson, we're looking at the three most essential instruments in FMOD, namely the "Single", "Multi" and "Event" instruments. These are the most used instruments in FMOD and will carry you a long way! If you come from Wwise, instruments are basically the same thing as containers, although they behave differently in certain aspects. Let's get started! The Single Instrument First things first, I've made three events in the hierarchy, one for each of the instruments we're going to be looking at. These are 2D events, but could just as easily…continue reading →