How To Make A Dragon Roar With Your Own Voice

Results Will Vary! As with anything as unique as our voices, the results of what I'm going to show you today will of course vary a lot depending on what types of voices you are able to do and what kind of voice you have in general. Don't be discouraged by this, but be inspired instead! Know that you have an extremely unique instrument built right into your body, use it! The Recording Dragons are usually pretty big and we need to take this into account when recording our voices. The simplest way…continue reading →

Setting Up Reverb Zones In Unity With Wwise

Today we're looking at reverb zones and how to set them up in unity using Wwise. Reverb zones are an extremely important part of game audio, as these are what really makes a space become "real". When you've set up multiple different reverb zones for multiple different areas in a level, immersion is sure to be increased, since you can hear the acoustic differences of each environment. Let's take a look at how to achieve this effect! Wwise Things First! The first thing I did, was to make a random container with footsteps…continue reading →

Think Bigger With Your Emitters

Aha! Today we're looking at 3D audio emitters and how to creatively use them on large objects. When I first learned this, it was a huge "AHA!" moment for me and instantly sparked tons of ideas of how to use emitters in the future. So I hope it will do the same for you. We are going to be using Unity and FMOD for our example today, so if you don't know those, try to follow along and learn some new stuff about those as well. The Basic Idea Take a look at…continue reading →

Sound Design Technique: Pitch Shifting & Pitch Layering

Introduction Today we're looking at two essential sound design techniques that are pretty easy to get a hold of, but at the same time something you will use in the rest of your career. These two techniques are pitch shifting and pitch layering. So I hope that you're just as excited as I am, because today we're going to be designing some sounds! Pitch Shifting Pitch Shifting is the simple act of raising or lowering the pitch of a sound. Almost every DAW has a plugin of some sort that can do this,…continue reading →