Basic Audio Randomization in UE4

Let's Get Started! Today we're looking at basic audio randomization in Unreal Engine! I'll guide you step by step, explaining everything you need to do. Lastly we're going to have little discussion about how getting a grasp on using blueprints, actually helps you understand what's going on in Wwise and FMOD better... Wait, what's that?! Is that a sweet randomized sound I hear in the distance?? We better go check it out! First Things First... I'll be using the template called "First Person" as the testing grounds today (which is under the "Blueprint"…continue reading →

The Importance of Having A Mentor (and how to find one)

The Story In my early years I played a lot of guitar, and I mean A LOT. It quickly grew into an obsession and I wanted to be the best that I could possibly be (at that time I was of course counting on being the best player in the world during the next couple of years), so I gathered all the guitar material that I possibly could. Books, video courses, whatever… you name it, I had it. With that kind of dedication, one would imagine that I got quite good quite quickly,…continue reading →